Music Publishing & Production Co.

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individuality is everything is an independent Canadian music publishing and production company. We work with music creatives to explore, record and produce their projects, support with the distribution of their works and improve their overall reach through artistic development. Really, we just want to turn it up to “11”! can help you realize your vision, from song idea to song copyright. We have a fully equipped studio space and an experienced team to support with production.  

Our music publishing services will connect your product to music industry leaders in distribution. We are small but mighty.

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Production & Publishing At your service


Publishing agreements to legitimize your career and get your music to the right ears.


Equipped studio space to record your tracks and develop your sound.


Artist Services

Creative services to help you build your image, including lyric videos, social media ads, website design, etc.


Need help buying a mic, a preamp, setupping your room, using different mics, working with your DAW? We can help.